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Originally produced in the beautiful calligraphy of Malcolm Morley (ringer at Little Shelford) in 1987, this is a collection of variations. So each one has a parent method, but a non-standard call. I have also added a few more here to Malcolm's original twelve variations. Note also that calls may need to be made earlier than you would expect in the method, to give ringers time to do the different work above the treble, even at the backstroke before normal (treble in 4th place) in some cases.

The first group are all the same above the treble, with all the possible frontworks below, like St Simon's, St Martin's etc. The call for each of these is the asymmetric Old Hudibras Single (shown in the last column), which is effectively a change from Plain Bob to Grandsire, giving a 3-5 dodge down!

Holly Nowell Ivy Mistletoe  
Twineham Bob Bampton Place Fifield Bob St Ouen Place  


Old Hudibras Single



(i.e. three times
unaffected for any
bell but the 2nd)