Cloister Doubles

This method is a useful first step towards ringing Stedman Doubles, but it only consists of quick sixes, so there is no slow work. It is also known as St Helen's or (to the Central Council) Bastow Little Bob Doubles. Two bells ring plain hunt on three bells; these are the 2 and 3 in Cloister, or the 1 and 2 in Bastow. The other three bells ring the Stedman back work, but go in quick each time.

In case you're wondering (you are??), the method I think of as Bastow Doubles is known to the Central Council as Bistow Little Bob, as they only extend methods by two stages at a time. (Similiarly, St Simons Minor is the double-hunt version of St Simons Doubles, not St Clements as some might expect).

Cloister Bastow Bistow