Little Doubles

Here are some Doubles methods where the treble doesn't reach 5ths. This means that 120s are not possible, without using a variable hunt call, or splicing with an Alliance method, but they can still be good fun to ring - or useful teaching aids.

NB if you try Little Bob Doubles, you get two separate blue lines on an odd number of bells. This has been named on 7 and 11 as Baldrick Differential Little Bob.

Note that the full name for Penultimus Doubles is "Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Penultimus Little Place Doubles"!

See also the short page on Cloister.

Treble to 2nds place


Treble to 3rds place

Stanwell Clewer Hampton Unnamed
Ashford Unnamed Unnamed Unnamed
Laleham Unnamed Lathbury Littleton
Unnamed Unnamed

Treble to 3rds place - double hunt

Cloister Bastow

Treble to 3rds place - "slow course"

Kempton Spital Ickenham Twyford
Greenford Northolt Dedworth Hanworth Henry Oldfield II

Treble to 4ths place

Penultimus "Baldrick"